Brilliance Facial Serum

Brilliance Facial Serum


This is a cell renewal serum for daily use. Especially formulated to combat the signs of aging, even skin tone, improve elasticity, and rejuvenate tired/dry skin. With careful formulation, we have selected cold pressed organic oils that are non-comedogenic (non pore-clogging) and highly nutritious for the skin. Even people with oily skin can benefit from this oil because it is quickly absorbing and does not leave a greasy feel or shiny appearance if used in proper amounts. The color is a gorgeous yellow/gold that uplifts your mood every time you pick up the bottle to put some on your skin.

+ ROSEHIP SEED OIL + is packed full of vitamin C, A, and E which helps correct dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars, and acne.

+POMEGRANATE SEED OIL + is high in antioxidants and will help protect your skin from environmental stress while keeping it hydrated for even the most sensitive and dry skin.

+CUCUMBER SEED OIL + is cold pressed from the cleaned and dried seeds of cucumbers. It possesses high amounts of phytosterols which help the skin strengthen its lipid barrier to retain moisture and smooth the skin's surface. It also nourishes and stimulates skin cels to encourage regeneration of healthy skin.

+ORGANIC VIRGIN ARGAN OIL (Morocco)+ is high in omega 6 and omega 9 acids and is very effective in soothing dry and problem skin. It reduces age spots and is a potent cell regenerator making it beneficial for treating wrinkles.

+CALENDULA+ flowers are uplifting, healing, and soothing for the skin. It calms redness and irritation and has anti-fungal/anti-microbial properties that make it ideal for dry, damaged, infected, or injured skin. This herbal flower also stimulates the production of collagen, assisting to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and scars.

+FRANKINCENSE+ essential oil is excellent to help dry, sensitive, mature, coopers, and sun-damaged skin and acne. It has also been used throughout the years to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, and consciousness.

+CARROT SEED+ essential oil improves skin tone and elasticity and is specific for mature or dry skin. It fights wrinkles, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, and skin discoloration.

+LAVENDER+ essential oil is suitable for all skin types. It regenerates cells and helps prevent scaring and stretch marks. It has a reputation for slowing wrinkles.It also helps counter insomnia, depression, mental stress, anger, and anxiety and improves one's mood and memory.

Smooth 2 -5 drops over face after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizing. If using under the eyes, gently apply using your ring finger in upward strokes. Allow a few minutes for oils to absorb before applying makeup.


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